Welcome to Malaysian Busking

Thanks for checking out my blog. This is more a personal account of my travels, activities and some of the places I have been lucky enough to visit. I have managed to travel the world relying on my trusty guitar to pay for everything and it has been one hell of a trip. I currently live in KL which is the capital of Malaysia and I hope to stay here for some time. One of the benefits of spending time in Asia is the affordability as things are generally cheaper in this part of the world.

This is especially true when it comes to Healthcare – I am originally from the US and I am sure I do not need to describe how expensive it is to stay healthy! Medical treatment in Asian countries is high quality, just like the US, but at a much lower price. Food and living costs are also much lower allowing me to spend my life chilled out to the sounds of my music. I spend most of my time just down the road from the Petronas Towers (see picture below) as this is pretty much the center of town. The area is always busy, day and night, and this allows me to play when i want to. Often the Summer is just too hot to be out in the day so I normally setup late afternoon and keep going until about midnight.

TowersI think there was a movie centered around this building – I am sure you can find it online – to get a sense of how big the building is. There is a shopping center on the lower levels which is well worth visiting if you ever make a trip out to the city.

I have had the priviledge of visiting many countries throughout the Americas as well as Europe but the climate and affordability make sense for me to spend time out in Asia. The climate is also much better over the winter months as I can avoid the serious cold weather that the Northern Hemisphere offers. I enjoyed my time in Thailand but I seem to have a slightly better standard of living in Malaysia. Although it is hot here, and sometimes sees really heavy rain it is still preferable, especially when you are working out on the streets!

This blog is more aimed at my close family so they can follow my exploits so if  you have stumbled in here by mistake then you can either read away or move along – I really don’t mind. I plan to update really soon with some more information on the local culture to be found here in KL as well as some new and interesting pictures of the local area.