Helping out with Indoor Plants

I thought I would make a small update as something new and interesting happened to me recently which was completely unexpected. As you know I am currently hanging out in KL, Malaysia and I earn my living through busking and trying to entertain the public as they come past on the streets. Well, I was offered (out of the blue) the chance for some part time work with a small company that grows indoor plants, you can find out more over here if you are interested in their plants and products. They also use indoor LED plant lighting which is something new that I have not seen before. Check out the picture below to get an idea.

Indoor Plant LightsAs you can see it is quite interesting and I guess many of you didn’t even know such things existed! The idea behind this is to allow plants that normally need sunlight to grow inside. The LED’s replicate the rays of the sun in the different spectrum’s. You can also control the water and there are no bugs or pests to worry about so you end up with perfect plants ready to sell to the dealers. Herbs and vegetable plants really respond well to these conditions and is something I look after each day at work.

I have been told that many people use this lighting to grow “green plant” 🙂 that are technical not legal. This holds true for people growing in their basements or attics right through to dealers and distributors that run hydroponic labs. I had wondered in the past how people managed to get these plants to grow nicely inside and now it all makes a lot more sense!

I guess it’s not the most flattering work I have ever done but it does help me to keep going and really does come in handy when there is a lot of rain about and I have problems earning. Although I can hide in town under cover it is a waste of time as their will be no public around to hear me and possibly give me a donation!

I have been able to stay in a slightly better backpacking lodge with the extra money I have been earning and I am also able to work in the evening so it allows me to earn both ways. I really do feel blessed and lucky to have a chance to improve my situation. The backpackers also has reliable internet so I should be able to update my blog a little bit more frequently.