Great Day and Some Golf

I wasn’t planning on doing an update quite so quickly but I just had to post. In another life (when I grew up in the USA) I used to enjoy planning a little bit of golf. My father was an avid golfer and he would try and plan at least once every week so as I entered my teenage years I started going with him. I found myself having a good time and ended up playing with a couple of mates from school whenever we got the chance.

As mentioned, in my previous post, I have recently been very lucky and found a new job working in the plant industry. My new boss, who I get on with, invited me to his house for lunch where I spotted his golf clubs. It turns out he also loves the game and tries to play as much as possible so we have agreed we will make a plan and get out on the course together. I am really excited about this as it has been a long time since I got the opportunity to play.

The most interesting part was this man has a full on golf simulator and practice area setup inside his garage. You can have a find out all about these products over here. As you will see there are different models and different options but at the end of the day you can work on your golf swing for hours on end and the simulator will help fix up swing errors. Check out the video below to see another guy with an Optishot simulator – the same one I had the chance to try out at my bosses house. Read this article for a full Optishot Review to see how it works.

As you can see, the whole thing is pretty cool and well worth the money – if you have your own place and can afford it 🙂 My whole mood has been uplifted by the chance to play some golf as well as meet a great boss who has given me an awesome opportunity. It is amazing what can happen when you least expect it!