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Age Plays a Part

As I get older this lifestyle I lead becomes increasingly more complex. I find myself suffering with health issues, aches and pains that are accentuated by siting outdoors on a concrete floor as well as lack of energy. As the body gets older it does take a toll and there is nothing you can really do to improve things. I have noticed, over the years, that each year that swings past takes a little more out of you. I am a little bit worried about the future if truth be told.

I would say, that most people out there busking are done with that life by the time they reach their 40’s – in that case I am only a few short years off the mark! I really should be doing something a little more with my life but honestly I just love the freedom of moving around the city – nowhere to be or go! That freedom is something that very few people get to experience.

With the sun shining every day and many other colorful characters to interact with – as you can see in the video above – it is always a great day to be outside. No corporate nonsense or finance deals to worry about – no credit card debt or major stress, I could go on, but I am sure you get the idea.

I have been thinking about taking a trip to London next year – I would have to wait for spring as I am not sure i could stomach the winter there. I have heard that there is a thriving busking community there and it is quite accepted for people to be out on the streets. In order to achieve this I will need to save up quite a bit of cash first so time will tell.

For now, though, I will just carry on as normal.


A Trip to Africa

Although I have taken my time to post an update here I felt it would only be worthwhile once I had something interesting to mention. Well, here it is!! I decided to take a trip into Africa to see what it is all about. I worked really hard these past few months which has given me the chance to travel here as I doubt I would make a whole lot of money with my guitar when there are so many people in a desperate situation here. I was fortunate enough to meet someone in KL who had ties to Cape Town in South Africa and offered to put me up for a few nights so that I could get on my feet.

The house I have been staying in is really amazing, I think there are at least 8 bedrooms and they all have a bathroom attached. The people are kind and there are others staying here who also need a break and a few days comfort makes all the difference. There is a huge bar with an amazing wine cooler full of various bottles from many different countries and a fully stocked bar that would make almost any tavern jealous. Check out the amazing blue light styling below to see what I mean.

NewAir AW281E Wine CoolerThe highlight of the week, though, was the invitation to play golf at at Steenburg golf estate with the hosts. I love the game and as I am sure you are aware someone in my position will never be allowed to just walk in to a place like this. The homes in this area run into millions and they even have their own wine estate in the complex. I am told it costs over $150 to play so you can imagine the excitement and anticipation building up which gave me the inspiration to write this post. I only wish I had a decent camera to take a couple of pictures for the blog but I will have to see if I can scrounge a couple of one of the other players 🙂

I also have a trip up Table mountain planned – they have a cable car which goes right up to the top and I am told there are amazing views right across the Cape peninsula which will be a memorable experience and after we will take a trip to the VandA waterfront for lunch.

I have been truly blessed and words cannot really express my emotions right now but I am going off to enjoy the time I have here and right now that would be inside the swimming pool with a glass of Spier Red Wine!

Great Day and Some Golf

I wasn’t planning on doing an update quite so quickly but I just had to post. In another life (when I grew up in the USA) I used to enjoy planning a little bit of golf. My father was an avid golfer and he would try and plan at least once every week so as I entered my teenage years I started going with him. I found myself having a good time and ended up playing with a couple of mates from school whenever we got the chance.

As mentioned, in my previous post, I have recently been very lucky and found a new job working in the plant industry. My new boss, who I get on with, invited me to his house for lunch where I spotted his golf clubs. It turns out he also loves the game and tries to play as much as possible so we have agreed we will make a plan and get out on the course together. I am really excited about this as it has been a long time since I got the opportunity to play.

The most interesting part was this man has a full on golf simulator and practice area setup inside his garage. You can have a find out all about these products over here. As you will see there are different models and different options but at the end of the day you can work on your golf swing for hours on end and the simulator will help fix up swing errors. Check out the video below to see another guy with an Optishot simulator – the same one I had the chance to try out at my bosses house. Read this article for a full Optishot Review to see how it works.

As you can see, the whole thing is pretty cool and well worth the money – if you have your own place and can afford it 🙂 My whole mood has been uplifted by the chance to play some golf as well as meet a great boss who has given me an awesome opportunity. It is amazing what can happen when you least expect it!


Helping out with Indoor Plants

I thought I would make a small update as something new and interesting happened to me recently which was completely unexpected. As you know I am currently hanging out in KL, Malaysia and I earn my living through busking and trying to entertain the public as they come past on the streets. Well, I was offered (out of the blue) the chance for some part time work with a small company that grows indoor plants, you can find out more over here if you are interested in their plants and products. They also use indoor LED plant lighting which is something new that I have not seen before. Check out the picture below to get an idea.

Indoor Plant LightsAs you can see it is quite interesting and I guess many of you didn’t even know such things existed! The idea behind this is to allow plants that normally need sunlight to grow inside. The LED’s replicate the rays of the sun in the different spectrum’s. You can also control the water and there are no bugs or pests to worry about so you end up with perfect plants ready to sell to the dealers. Herbs and vegetable plants really respond well to these conditions and is something I look after each day at work.

I have been told that many people use this lighting to grow “green plant” 🙂 that are technical not legal. This holds true for people growing in their basements or attics right through to dealers and distributors that run hydroponic labs. I had wondered in the past how people managed to get these plants to grow nicely inside and now it all makes a lot more sense!

I guess it’s not the most flattering work I have ever done but it does help me to keep going and really does come in handy when there is a lot of rain about and I have problems earning. Although I can hide in town under cover it is a waste of time as their will be no public around to hear me and possibly give me a donation!

I have been able to stay in a slightly better backpacking lodge with the extra money I have been earning and I am also able to work in the evening so it allows me to earn both ways. I really do feel blessed and lucky to have a chance to improve my situation. The backpackers also has reliable internet so I should be able to update my blog a little bit more frequently.



Welcome to Malaysian Busking

Thanks for checking out my blog. This is more a personal account of my travels, activities and some of the places I have been lucky enough to visit. I have managed to travel the world relying on my trusty guitar to pay for everything and it has been one hell of a trip. I currently live in KL which is the capital of Malaysia and I hope to stay here for some time. One of the benefits of spending time in Asia is the affordability as things are generally cheaper in this part of the world.

This is especially true when it comes to Healthcare – I am originally from the US and I am sure I do not need to describe how expensive it is to stay healthy! Medical treatment in Asian countries is high quality, just like the US, but at a much lower price. Food and living costs are also much lower allowing me to spend my life chilled out to the sounds of my music. I spend most of my time just down the road from the Petronas Towers (see picture below) as this is pretty much the center of town. The area is always busy, day and night, and this allows me to play when i want to. Often the Summer is just too hot to be out in the day so I normally setup late afternoon and keep going until about midnight.

TowersI think there was a movie centered around this building – I am sure you can find it online – to get a sense of how big the building is. There is a shopping center on the lower levels which is well worth visiting if you ever make a trip out to the city.

I have had the priviledge of visiting many countries throughout the Americas as well as Europe but the climate and affordability make sense for me to spend time out in Asia. The climate is also much better over the winter months as I can avoid the serious cold weather that the Northern Hemisphere offers. I enjoyed my time in Thailand but I seem to have a slightly better standard of living in Malaysia. Although it is hot here, and sometimes sees really heavy rain it is still preferable, especially when you are working out on the streets!

This blog is more aimed at my close family so they can follow my exploits so if  you have stumbled in here by mistake then you can either read away or move along – I really don’t mind. I plan to update really soon with some more information on the local culture to be found here in KL as well as some new and interesting pictures of the local area.