A Trip to Africa

Although I have taken my time to post an update here I felt it would only be worthwhile once I had something interesting to mention. Well, here it is!! I decided to take a trip into Africa to see what it is all about. I worked really hard these past few months which has given me the chance to travel here as I doubt I would make a whole lot of money with my guitar when there are so many people in a desperate situation here. I was fortunate enough to meet someone in KL who had ties to Cape Town in South Africa and offered to put me up for a few nights so that I could get on my feet.

The house I have been staying in is really amazing, I think there are at least 8 bedrooms and they all have a bathroom attached. The people are kind and there are others staying here who also need a break and a few days comfort makes all the difference. There is a huge bar with an amazing wine cooler full of various bottles from many different countries and a fully stocked bar that would make almost any tavern jealous. Check out the amazing blue light styling below to see what I mean.

NewAir AW281E Wine CoolerThe highlight of the week, though, was the invitation to play golf at at Steenburg golf estate with the hosts. I love the game and as I am sure you are aware someone in my position will never be allowed to just walk in to a place like this. The homes in this area run into millions and they even have their own wine estate in the complex. I am told it costs over $150 to play so you can imagine the excitement and anticipation building up which gave me the inspiration to write this post. I only wish I had a decent camera to take a couple of pictures for the blog but I will have to see if I can scrounge a couple of one of the other players 🙂

I also have a trip up Table mountain planned – they have a cable car which goes right up to the top and I am told there are amazing views right across the Cape peninsula which will be a memorable experience and after we will take a trip to the VandA waterfront for lunch.

I have been truly blessed and words cannot really express my emotions right now but I am going off to enjoy the time I have here and right now that would be inside the swimming pool with a glass of Spier Red Wine!